Course Descriptions

ASTR 100 Introduction to Astronomy (3 units)

Survey of modern astronomy: study of what our civilization knows about the universe and our place in it, including the Earth-Moon system, the Solar System, extrasolar planetary systems, the birth and death of stars, the Milky Way galaxy, and cosmology. Emphasis is also placed on how astronomers learn about the universe, such as the nature of light, telescopes, and the scientific method.

ASTR 101 Astronomy Laboratory (1 units)

Introduction to the tools and methods of astronomy and understanding of the scientific process. Introduction to the celestial sphere, scale model solar system, telescopic observations, use of computer models, comparative planetology, and astronomical data representation.

ASTR 695 Independent Study (0.5- 3 units)

Designed for students who are interested in furthering their knowledge via self-paced, individualized instruction provided in selected areas or directed study to be arranged with instructor and approved by the division dean using the Independent Study Form. Varying modes of instruction can be used -- laboratory, research, skill development, etc. For each unit earned, students are required to devote three hours per week throughout the semester. Students may take only one Independent Study course within a given discipline.