Canada student adjusting a telescope at our observatory.

Why Study Astronomy? 

The astronomy program at Cañada introduces students to the basic skills of science. Students are first introduced to the context of science through the history of astronomy and its role in the Scientific Revolution, taught to formulate questions around both naked eye and telescopic observations, and use deductive reasoning to analyze correlations and trends in observations. Students learn about our place in the universe, and the exciting processes that govern other worlds, stars, and galaxies.

Cañada Astronomy also invites students to use its telescopes both for class projects, as well as extracurricular activities.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to: 

1. Identify and describe the formation and characteristics of the planets, the properties and evolution of stars, and the structure of the Milky Way galaxy

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process by describing how astronomical observations are used to support scientific theories

3. Demonstrate astronomical and scientific communication skills through the collection, analysis, and reporting of data