State Representatives

The following are classified staff involved in statewide committees:

Margarita (Maggie) Baez
California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) Representative for the SSSP Statewide Committee

The 4CS is dedicated to supporting participatory governance for classified staff at community colleges and districts.  The 4CS recognizes the value of higher education in the state of California, and devotes its efforts in advocating the value and contributions classified staff provide to the campus community.  The 4CS provides quality service to promote student success and completion, cooperating with other organizations to enrich the educational experience of the California Community Colleges, serving as a liaison between the California Community Colleges senates, promoting the participation of classified staff in shared governance at the state, local, and college levels, developing and supporting classified senates throughout the state of California, and continues to grow as the statewide participatory governance body for classified staff in California Community Colleges

Participatory governance is a responsibility and classified senates/councils, and other classified governance bodies have eagerly risen to that challenge. The 4CS strongly believes that classified staff participation is essential in providing valuable information and input because of their expertise and experience.  Classified staff are involved in every area of our colleges and are committed to the belief that input from classified staff, the people in the trenches, provide essential contributions to the institution’s ability to make sound "educated" decisions with the best available information.


Luanne Canestro 
Region III rep for CCCFSAAA- California Community College Financial Aid Administrators Association.


Misha Maggi

  • CCCSAA Northern Area Representative
  • NASPA Community College Communications Division Social Media Chair
  • NASPA APIKC Mentor 


  • CCCSAA President
  • NASPA Community College Communications Division Social Media Chair
  • NASPA APIKC Mentor


Megan Rodriguez
Northern CA (Bay Area) Representative for Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO) Board of Directors

The statewide Community College Public Relations Organization is a professional development and service organization that seeks to promote excellence in California’s community college public relations and related professions. The organization serves as a central resource of information and provides counsel and assistance relating to the advancement of community colleges statewide and the professional growth of its members.

The Northern Representative works with other regional colleagues in planning and hosting drive-in workshops on issues of concern to members in the region as well as keep board and membership advised of issues of interest from the region. We also submit regional reports for board meetings, organization newsletters, and electronic mediums such as the CCPRO website and social media pages.


Soraya  Sohrabi
Since 2012, I have been serving at the Transfer Center Directors Regional Representatives committee representing Transfer Center Directors (TCD) in region 3 by sharing their concerns, issues, comments and recommendations in regards to the transfer process.  I am also co-chair of region 3 and 4 where we disseminate policies, procedures, and administrative requirements set by the Chancellors Office to the TCD in the region. 

The members of this committee are selected by TCD of the each 10 regions, serving for 2 years, and may represent the region for the subsequent term(s). 

This committee is to assist the Chancellor’s Office (CO) by providing consultation on Transfer issues and concerns, communicating policies, procedures, and administrative requirements to the region, advising CO staff of problems, concerns, and issue encountered in the region, and working with CO to develop priorities and address the issues related to the transfer process.  In addition, the regional representatives will conduct and lead regional meetings and forward minutes to the Chancellor’s Office.