The Disability Resource Center (DRC)

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Cañada College provides students with documented disabilities academic support and reasonable accommodations as defined by state and Federal law through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Services are provided to students with a wide range of disabilities and are determined on the basis of supporting medical, psychological or learning disability documentation.  Certain requirements regarding disability documentation are necessary, so it is important for students seeking disability services to check with the DRC to ensure that they meet eligibility criteria.


Mission Statement

The mission of DRC is to ensure educational access so that students with disabilities have every reasonable opportunity to meet their educational goals, provide educational support so that students with disabilities can demonstrate their skills, and create a learning environment in which students with disabilities may become independent, interdependent and integrated in our global community.





Building 5, Room 303
Phone: (650) 306-3259
TDD: (650) 306-3161
Fax: (650) 306-3185


Summer 2020 Hours

Monday - Thursday:                  8:00am-4:30pm
Friday:                                          8:00am-1:30pm