Frequently Asked Questions

I already have reassigned time, do I need to submit a RRP?

Yes.  Reassignment is awarded for a period of between one academic term to 2 years.  At the end of that period, the position must be re-funded.  In order to do this, you will need to submit a RRP and select the “Renewal” checkbox.

Is the RRP for counselors and librarians?

Not typically.  The leadership that counselors and librarians provide is important, and the college benefits from their skills and abilities outside their normal assignments.  Unlike faculty members assigned primarily to the classroom, however, reassigned time is typically not applicable.

Is the RRP for adjunct faculty?

Not typically.  Adjunct faculty do not have a primary assignment, so reassignment is not applicable.  However, if a RRP is approved and an adjunct faculty is chosen to accomplish the work, rather than a full-timer, then the adjunct would be compensated for a non-instructional assignment, rather than reassigned time. 

Can I submit a RRP when my class is canceled?

Possibly.  When classes are canceled, deans work with faculty to determine the best approach to ensure that a full-time faculty member is loaded properly.  Reassignment is one option that may, from time to time, be considered by the faculty member and dean.

The reassignment I have is not sufficient for the work required.  How do I get more?

You may submit a RRP and select the “Augment existing reassignment” checkbox.

Our program’s Advisory Committee recommends that we have reassigned time for a faculty coordinator.  Does this mean the reassignment is “mandated” and therefore exempt from submitting a RRP?

No.  A recommendation is not equivalent to a mandated requirement.  However, you ought to include this recommendation within the RRP. 

Is the RRP used to identify who receives the reassigned time?

No.  Approved RRPs result in funding for a position.  Which faculty member receives the reassignment is determined by other processes.  Often, for positions of college-wide significance, this is by an open application process in which all faculty are invited to apply.  However, some positions may be open to a smaller subset of faculty and/or filled by appointment.

Does my dean need to approve the RRP?

Review yes, approve no.  IPC will evaluate the RRP.  However, it is expected that you will consult with your dean in developing a strong proposal.  Your dean is required to review the RRP and will provide his/her recommendation for action.  That recommendation, along with the analysis of the IPC, will inform the final decision by the Vice President of Instruction.

Can I see an example of what a good RRP looks like?

Sure.  You can view a hypothetical proposal for a Minority Male Mentoring faculty coordinator.

Is there a process for appealing decisions about my RRP?

Yes.  Although the grounds for an appeal are quite limited.  You can learn more on the appeals page. 


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