Reassigned Time Process

This proposal to revise the Reassigned Time Process is informed by our Participatory Governance Guidelines and our Instructional Planning Council Bylaws. The goal is to ensure that decision-making procedures are as collaborative, fair, timely, and transparent as possible. The principles and processes are outlined below. 

  1. Reassigned Time Proposals originate with a faculty request (annual plans, program review) or through the Administrative Planning Committee. 
  2. By the end of September the Planning and Budgeting Council will provide an estimation of the total amount of funding (expressed in FTEF) that can be designated for reassigned time in the next academic year (e.g. by September 2017 IPC should project the available FTEF for 2018-19 reassignments).
  3. Applications for Requests for Faculty Reassignment will be made available by Friday, September 10th. Final applications must be submitted to IPC by Deans no later than Monday, October 15th.
  4. IPC will finish its review of the Requests for Faculty Reassignment and provide feedback to the Academic Senate and PBC by Friday, November 30th.
  5. PBC and Academic Senate will provide feedback to the Office of Instruction by the end of the fall semester. PBC should review the requests primarily from a budgetary perspective, and Academic Senate should focus principally on the educational merits of the proposals.
  6. Informed by the feedback provided by IPC, PBC, and Academic Senate, the Office of Instruction will announce which proposals for reassignment have been approved by Friday, February 1st.
  7. Office of Instruction to send out applications for Faculty interested in applying for approved Reassigned Time positions.  Applications are due by Wednesday, February 13th.
  8.  Faculty reassignments will be determined by Friday, February 15th.