Reassigned Time Process

The goal of the Reassigned time Process is to ensure that decision-making procedures are as collaborative, fair, timely, and transparent as possible. The principles and processes are outlined below. In general, in the fall semester positions are established, in the spring semester positions are filled (e.g., Fall 2023 request, Spring 2024 faculty appointment, Fall 2024 position starts).reassigned time request timeline

additional position specific timeline information

Applications for Reassigned Time (New, Revisions & Renewals) - 2023-2024 dates

  1. Overview:
    1. New Reassigned Time: Applications originate with a faculty request, Academic Senate or another planning council. 
    2. Renewal Reassigned Time: Applications are submitted for positions that have terms ending at the end of the respective academic year and are up for renewal (e.g., Position terms that end in the 2023-2024 academic year are renewed during Fall 2023).
    3. Revision to Current Reassigned Time: Currently approved positions whose terms have not ended may submit an application if revisions are needed (e.g., change of assignment name, requesting more or less units).
    4. In the fall semester positions are established, in the spring semester positions are filled (e.g., Fall 2023 request, Spring 2024 faculty appointment, Fall 2024 position starts).
    5. There are many resources on the IPC webpage regarding faculty reassignment. For example, there is the reassigned time renewal schedule by position, a repository of all applications submitted by term (e.g., fall 2022), and a list of all current faculty coordinators.
  2. The Application for Faculty Reassignment will be made available on the Instructional Planning Council (IPC) webpage by the third week of October. (note: the application includes the option to apply for a new position, a renewal, or a revision).
  3. Faculty must submit their final applications via the online form no later than Friday, November 10th. All applications will be sent to the appropriate Dean no later than Monday, November 13th for review, recommendation and signature.
  4. The Dean/VP will review the application, provide feedback, and sign the final recommendation form (this will be done for each application) by Friday, November 17th. The Dean/VP final recommendation form will be attached to the application, which will then be forward it to IPC for review.
  5. IPC will review the applications for Faculty Reassignment, provide feedback, and vote on their recommendation (by position) during the Friday, December 1st IPC meeting. Reassigned time authors are invited to attend.
  6. By Monday, December 4th, the VPI and iDeans provide feedback on all applications.
  7. Informed by the feedback provided by IPC and iDeans, the VPI will announce which proposals for reassignment, revision or renewal have been approved and denied by Friday, December 8th.
  8. The VPI will report their decision to IPC and will send results to PBC.  
  9. For College-Wide and Program/Department Coordinators, during the month of January, the VPI and Academic Senate, in consultation with iDeans and the appropriate councils/committees, create and/or revise position descriptions/announcements, if applicable. The IPC faculty co-chair will facilitate this process.
  10. For Program/Department Coordinators, the program will recommend a faculty member to serve to their Dean. The Dean will forward the faculty member to the VPI who will make the final decision. The IPC faculty co-chair will facilitate this process.
  11. For College-wide Program Coordinators, the Participatory Governance Manual process for selection for faculty coordinators via Academic Senate will be followed, which includes the process for announcement and faculty selection.
  12. Faculty reassignments will be determined by March 1st.
  13. All appeals should follow the designated IPC Appeal Process and be submitted by the end of January  (for all out-of-cycle applications, appeals are due within 10 days of decision).
  14. IPC will consider reassigned time applications out of cycle when there is an extraordinary request. Please contact the IPC co-chairs to request out of cycle consideration.


Process and application UPDATE: During Spring 2021, IPC created a Reassigned Time Taskforce to provide feedback on the process and application (3 faculty members: Academic Senate President, IPC Co-chair, Faculty Coordinator; 3 Classified Staff: Program Services Coordinator, Division Assistant, Data Analyst). Suggestions to the process and application were made and were discussed at IPC, division meetings, and iDeans. In addition to changes to the process and application, the creation of a Reassigned Time Taskforce to help facilitate the process during the fall semesters, were all approved on 5/21/21 and will remain in effect until Spring 2024 (3-year cycle).