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How to Request Reassigned Time

1. Is the reassignment mandated by AFT contract or other agreement with the District, mandated by external agency, accreditation or grant contract?

  • If YES, you do not need to complete a Request for Reassignment (RRP) – contact your dean to establish your reassignment.
  • If NO, go to 2.

2. Is the reassignment due to a class cancelation? 

  • If YES, you do not need to complete a RRP – work with your dean to search for an alternative teaching assignment or to establish your reassignment.
  • If NO, go to 3.

3. Is the reassignment for work that is covered by Appendix D1

  • If YES, this work is not eligible for reassignment – contact your dean to learn about alternative ways of accomplishing the work. 
  • If NO, go to 4.

4. Download and complete the RRP application (see Downloads below).  You may want to examine the example application and review the rubric to see how your application will be scored.  

5. The completed RRP application must be signed by your dean.

6. Submit the completed document to the Office of Instruction who will forward it to IPC for review.



In order to provide sufficient time to accommodate instructional faculty reassignments, all applications must be submitted to the Office of Instruction prior to the time teaching requests are submitted for schedule development.

The deadline for application of reassignment that will be effective academic year 2018-2019 is October 20th, 2017 to your Division Dean.



RRP Application

Example Application


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