Requests for Personnel

The Cañada College Participatory Governance Manual delineates the process for requesting, prioritizing, and approving position requests.

As of fall 2018, all resource requests are made as part of the Program Review process and submitted in Improve (TracDat) along with all other data, narratives, and required forms.  To request new positions, as distinct from replacement hires, programs must complete and attach to their program review submittal in TracDat the appropriate personnel request form:

Per the timeline below, the College President will announce personnel decisions as soon as possible, but no later than January.

Program Review and Personnel Resource Request Timeline

 PR Timeline as of Feb 2019


Information from past annual resource request cycles can be found here:  

2018-19 Cycle

2017-18 Cycle

2016-17 Cycle

2015-16 Cycles

2014-15 Cycles

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