College Planning

Integrated Planning and Budgeting

To effectively integrate its planning, budgeting, and evaluation cycle each year, the College follows this Integrated Planning and Budgeting Calendar.  Conceptually, the cycle looks like this:

planning budgeting evaluation cycle diagram 


Cañada College Planning Process

The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) oversees and facilitates the institution's planning processes.  For some plans, such as the Educational Master Plan and the Annual Strategic Plan, the PBC will appoint a special task force to lead the process, develop the plan, and return to the full PBC for review and discussion.  Most other college plans are in the purview of the relevant committee (e.g., Distance Education Advisory Committee leads the development of the Distance Education Strategic Plan).  For those plans, the planning and evaluation process can be found here


Cañada College Planning Calendar

 planning schedule


Cañada College Plans

Educational Master Plans

Strategic Plans (Annual Strategic Plans as of 2018)

Distance Education Plans

Facilities Master Plan

Guided Pathways Plans

Integrated/Student Equity Plans

Professional Learning Plans

Research Plans

Strategic Enrollment Plans

Strong Workforce Plan

Student Success and Support Program Plan 

Technology Plans

Sustainability Plans

 District Plans


Evaluation Reports

Many plans are monitored and evaluated via progress reports (see above).  Other evaluation reports include: