Associated Students of Cañada College

The Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC) is the official student government organization of Cañada College

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Who is the ASCC?

The Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC) is the student government at Cañada College.
The ASCC are elected and appointed student representatives who organize and promote campus wide programs, protect student rights, and represent the student voice on campus committees.


Why join the ASCC?

  • Incredible leadership opportunities
  • Resume builders
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Be the voice of the students
  • Free leadership conference travel across the state/country
  • Create new networks and friends
  • Get a step-up for transferring and job opportunities
  • Work with a $100,000 budget
  • Meet and get to know campus Administrators
  • Priority registration for those who have an updated Student Educational Plan
  • Free ASCC Polo Shirt/Free ASCC Graduation Stole
  • Free use of Center for Student Life and Leadership Development computers, desks and copier


ASCC Officers

Karolyn Paz-Rubio

Matthew Nuez

Htet Htet Win Pyone Ei
Commissioner of Finances

Yin Ue "Tianna" Chan
Commissioner of Publicity

Jade Shonette
Commissioner of Activities

Chili Montian
Commissioner of Public Records

Michiko "Misha" Kealoha
Senate Advisor

Aleen Ghanem
Senator at Large for STEM

J.T. Eden
Senator at Large for Concurrent Enrollment and Middle College

Shawn Shang

Jasmin Padilla Valencia
Commissioner of Marketing and Design

Aaron Lee
Senator at Large for Humanities and Social Sciences

Adrian Afif

Angela Craddock

Nika Self


Sofia Fernandez Giorgi

Tiger Chen

Nadia Moreno


Kaisen Yao

Brandon Sandoval