Food at Your Program

Looking to have food during your event? Check out these resources to get you started!

Guidelines for Food at Your Event or Program

Food Sales

  • Food items must be prepackaged. Prepackaged items are food items packaged at a licensed bakery, restaurant, or grocery store, OR
  • Food items must be prepared by a licensed food service provider and a certificate of liability insurance must be provided in order to receive event authorization, OR
  • No foods or perishable beverages can be prepared or stored in a private home due to possible contamination.
  • All food and perishable beverages shall be protected at all times from unnecessary handling and possible contamination (i.e. gloves must be worn by servers and items refrigerated).


Potlucks are permissible when the following guidelines are met:

  • The meeting or event must be closed to the general public.
  • There can be no charge for the event.
  • The event cannot be advertised to the general public.

Food Trucks on Campus

Food trucks coming to campus during your event can be a huge draw for your program!

Because of Cañada College's contract with Pacific Dining, please remember to adhere to the following when considering a food truck for your program:

  • A campus program/event must be happening in order to bring a food truck on campus
  • The food truck/company must provide a copy of their business license, business insurance to sell food/products, and a catering license issued by San Mateo County
  • Pacific Dining must be notified any time a food truck is coming to campus
  • The food truck must meet one of the following:
    1. The food truck donates a portion of their proceeds to your program/event/club/charity
    2. The food is free to students and paid for by your program/event/club
    3. The food is cheaper than it’s regular price

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