State, District, and College Regulations on Fundraising

  • State law requires that all funds a club/organization makes must be depositedinto the club/organization’s account.
  • Please deposit within five working days from the fundraiser event.
  • Funds cannot be solicited in the classroom, unless approved by the instructor.
  • On-campus fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the organizations' Advisor in addition to the Student Life and Leadership Manager.
  • Off-campus fundraising shall require the approvals of the Vice President, Student Services.
  • A gift or donation is defined as a contribution of money, securities, real or other property, goods, or, in some cases, services to the District/Colleges or any organization officially sponsored by the District/Colleges (e.g., student club) in exchange for which no return is given. Such a donation may not be designated to benefit a specific person; donors will only be allowed to establish broad criteria over the disposition of a donation and all IRS requirements shall be observed.

Raffle or Drawings

  • You must advertise "donation" or "recommended ticket price" if you would like to have a raffle or drawing.
  • A person can also choose to not donate, and still receive a raffle or drawing ticket.


Check out the Tax ID policy in the Board of Trustees Board Policy 8.38

For more details, you can view the The California ASB manual