Performers & Guest Speakers

Interested in contracting performers and/ or guest speakers at your event? Please carefully review and follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth process.

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The Performance Agreement Process

Performance Agreement

A “Performance Agreement” is used for services provided by performer or artist such as a musician, singer, comedian, disc jockey, magician, karaoke player or dancer, band or orchestra leader, theatrical and film productions or symphony organizations and agencies. Often times, performers or artists are represented by an agent (designated representative).

Implementing the Performance Agreement

Before the performance begins, complete a “Performance Contract”. Complete “Exhibit A” of the agreement. Exhibit A can be modified to reflect the requirements of the performer you are hiring. If the performer or artist requires an advance booking deposit or other deposit prior to performance, complete the alternate version of “Exhibit A”.

W-9 Form. NEW performers or their representative designee must complete a W-9< form with their Social Security number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) and signature. EVERY performer or agent must have a new W-9 on file annually (on a calendar year basis).

If the performer or agent does not have an EIN and is using their Social Security number as their tax ID, the following items MUST also be provided:

  1. Social Security Card. Obtain a copy of the performer’s or representative’s Social Security Card. ALL performers or agents must submit a copy of their card unless one is already on file with the District.


Obtain the required signatures of the performer or representative designee and college administration and forward all paperwork (Agreement and W-9, plus the I-9 and Copy of SS Card if applicable) to Purchasing for processing.

Payment Authorization

Once the performance is completed, prepare an Authorization for Payment form and obtain the department/division administrator’s signature. Submit the signed form to the campus Business Officer for review and approval (they will forward the form to the Accounts Payable Department). If the performer requires an advance booking deposit and/or a check on the date of the performance then submit the payment authorization form with the agreement. Check Issued. Accounts Payable will process the invoice, cut a check and forward payment to the performer or designee.

Independent Contractor Agreement Process: Guest Speakers

Contracts are required for service work performed by an independent contractor. An independent contractor is defined as an individual (rather than a company) who performs a service (rather than provides a tangible product) for the District. Independent contractors are in business for themselves and are responsible for their own tax reporting to the IRS. An independent contractor uses a social security number for tax identification purposes (rather than a Federal Tax ID number). SB1419 sets specific guidelines for appropriate use of independent contractors. Board approval is required for independent contracts in excess of the legal bid limit of $87,800.

Before the Project Begins:

Contract originator completes an IC agreement.

Before the project begins, complete an online “Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement”, including questionnaire (handwritten or incomplete forms will not be accepted). Complete “Exhibit A” (the last page of the IC Contract) listing the service(s) to be performed along with the corresponding completion date(s)

Contract Originator obtains the required documentation from contractor

Contract Originator must obtain the following documentation:

  1. W-9 form independent contractors must complete a “W-9: Request for Taxpayers Identification Number and Certification” form with their legal name, Social Security number and signature. EVERY contractor must have a new W-9 on file annually (on a calendar year basis).
    • Must be ORIGINAL SIGNATURE on W9
    • Must provide a copy of the Social Security Card or EIN
  2. If you need to change/extend the Independent Contract you must fill out the Addendum to Independent Contract

International Speaker

The following documentation would be required:

  1. W8BEN
  2. Green card or employment authorization document allowing them to work in the U.S.
  3. Passport
  4. I9

Contract originator collects signatures/approvals and documentations

Obtains the required signatures and required documentation and forward all paperwork to the College Business Officer for review and approval 2.

College business office reviews the contract and documentation.

Once approved, the business office forwards the contract, W-9, I-9, and supporting documents to purchasing for verification and signature.

Once the project is completed or milestones are reached

Contract originator prepares payment authorization

Once the project is completed (or at milestones defined in Exhibit A), contract originator prepares an Authorization for Payment form, obtains the department/division administrator’s signature and submits the signed form to the College Business Officer for review and approval. The Business Officer forwards the form to the Accounts Payable Department.

Accounts payable issues check

Accounts payable processes the invoice, cuts a check and forwards payment to the independent contractor.