Certification for Payment of Benefits

To receive benefits, you must:

  • Complete an Educational Plan with the Veteran Counselor at Cañada College.
  • Register in WebSmart.
  • School Certifying Official at Cañada College will complete the enrollment certification.

Student’s benefit will be based on the number of units completed at the end of each term. 

Semester Unit Load
Full-time 12 or more units Full benefit
3/4 time 9 to 11.5 units 3/4 benefit
1/2 time 6 to 8.5 units 1/2 benefit
1/4 time 3 to 5.5 units** 1/4 benefit

Keep in mind that the Summer Semester unit value is different than the Fall and Spring terms. For the Summer session, 6 units is considered full-time.

Important Notes:

  1. Classes will be certified for VA educational benefits under the following conditions:
    • The student’s declared educational goal/major must be approved by the Counselor.
    • Courses selected must be listed on your student educational plan which was approved by a Veteran Counselor in order to be certified.
  2. If the educational goal changes, the student must complete a new student educational plan and VA form 22-1995 for veterans or VA form 22-5495 for dependents.
  3. Students must notify the School Certifying Official at Cañada College if they make any changes to their program.
  4. Eligible veterans have 10 years from the date of separation from active duty to use their educational benefits. This will be noted in your Letter of Eligibility.
  5. Financial aid is available for eligible students.  All veteran students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Please contact the Cañada College Financial Aid Office for assistance and additional information.

To receive VA Educational Benefits you must complete the following three steps:

  1. Apply for VA educational benefits.
  2. Apply and enroll at Cañada College.
  3. Use the benefits at Cañada College.

Step 1 - Apply for VA Education Benefits

Veterans under Chapter 30, 31, 35 and 1606 and can apply for benefits online at www.va.gov/education/how-to-apply/.

Step 2 - Apply and Enroll at Cañada College

Step 3 - How to Use Your Benefits at Cañada College

  • Submit  the following documents to the School Certifying Official, Andrew Soler (solerandrew@smccd.edu).
    • A copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) DD-2384 for Chapter 1606
    • A copy of your Certificate of Eligibility
    • Copies all official transcripts of prior college work and military schools as soon as possible. Certification for benefits may be delayed if transcripts have not been received.
    • Submit signed Statement of Responsibility.
    • Submit signed Veteran's Certification Request.


Veteran students have complete liability for any overpayments of educational benefits. The payment of educational benefits is determined by the number of units in which the student is enrolled.  Students must notify the VA within a few days of any increase or decrease in the number of units in which they are enrolled.   

Students may be required to reimburse the VA for money received for a final grade of F, No Credit (NC) or a Withdrawal (W) unless there are mitigating circumstances.  Chapter 30 (Active Duty) and Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve) must verify enrollment with the VA on the last day of each month.

According to VA policy; students receiving VA educational benefits (veterans, reservists and dependents) must maintain satisfactory academic progress, a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a 51% completion rate. Students, who are receiving VA benefits and have a GPA below a 2.0, will be placed on academic probation. If unsatisfactory progress continues for two consecutive semesters, the student’s benefit will be suspended until the GPA reaches 2.0 or higher.