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Maps, Directions & Parking
Find Your Way to Cañada College and Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Meet the Staff

Kim Lopez (Interim Vice President of Student Services)

Student Services - Vice President, Student Services
(650) 306-3236
BLDG 08-210

Supinda Sirihekaphong (International Student Program Manager)

Student Services - International Student Center
(650) 306-3440
BLDG 03-103

International Student Ambassadors

They can each be contacted at 650-381-3544 and by email at

If you are interested in becoming an International Student Ambassador, please submit an application by the drop deadline of each semester.  Please find a job description, application, and recommendation forms here.

Jiating (Sierra) Weng
Citizenship: China
Major: Communications
Interests: Dance, travel, and hiking
Campus Involvement: Learning Center Tutor and Cañada Career Club
Favorite thing about Cañada: Cozy campus, friendly classmates and helpful professors and counselors
Yingjie (Alexandra) Zhuang
Citizenship: China
Major: Early Childhood Education
Interests: Biking, travelling, meeting new friends, and baking
Campus Involvement: International Culture Exchange Club
Favorite thing about Cañada: Lots of support services, helpful professors, and meaningful relationships with people
Moody Metry
Citizenship: Egypt
Major: Engineering
Interests: Bowling and photography
Campus Involvement: International Culture Exchange Club
Favorite thing about Cañada: You will always find a place to study and help can easily be found
Dominique (Dom) Franceschi
Citizenship: Colombia
Major: Dance
Interests: Performing Arts, Musical Theater, Video Games, watching movies and reading.
Campus involvement: International Culture Exchange Club, Glee Club, Bookstore Student Assistant
Favorite thing about Cañada: You're always surrounded by kind people that want you to succeed.

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