Available Data Resources

The Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) serves faculty and staff at Canada College to inform their instructional and student service practice.  We do so in a variety of ways which include providing publicly accessible student outcome data:

Program Review Data Charts. Program Review Data are summarized in an interactive graphical form online at

In these data charts, course enrollment and success data can be disaggregated by different attributes and characteristics. Data is available at the course, program, division, and college level.

Program Review Data Packets. Historically, the PRIE office publishes program and course level data in packets for each program.  These can be viewed here:  As of fall, the PRIE Office is providing this data via data dashboards build in Power BI.

Student Learning Outcomes. All active courses regularly assess a student’s specific knowledge, skills attitudes and habits of mind that we expect our students to master upon completion of our courses. Data are collected and stored in TracDat. For more information please visit

Faculty Equity Inquiry Resources

For faculty interested in reviewing their own student data, in conjunction with some of the resources above, PRIE has created the following matrix of possible approaches:

Ideas to Kick-Start Your Own Equity Inquiry

Program Pathway Mapper

On-boarding information

Getting Involved with Program Pathways Mapper

320 Report

320 P2 Report 2019-20

320 Report Procedures

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