For Instructors

This area is a resource for instructors detailing various Learning Center Services and how to obtain them.

Faculty Tutor Recommendation

Do you have a great student in your class? They might make a great tutor! This is a paid position on campus ($17.12/hr starting), with flexible hours. 

Potential tutors exhibit some of the following traits:

  • Leadership
  • Compassion
  • Works well with others
  • Willingness to help


  • Recommendation from Faculty
  • Completion of LCTR 100 (CRN: 55742, Summer 2021)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 units for Fall 2021
  • Final Grade of B or better in the course tutored
  • A desire to help other students

Recommend a Student

Student Recommendation Form

Learning Center Orientations

Orientations for all classes are offered at the beginning or every new semester. Orientations include a short 15-20 minute introduction to the LC and services and more in depth explanations for additional topics such as printing, the college website, Canvas and email upon request . For booking please email Jonathan MacSwain at

Additional questions about Learning Center Orientations may be directed to Jonathan MacSwain

Proctoring Services and Guidelines

(Reinitialized as of Spring, 2022)

The Learning Center offers make-up and missed exam proctoring services for Cañada College in-class, online and hybrid courses. Unfortunately, we do not currently proctor exams from Skyline or CSM. Our proctoring area is located adjacent to the front counter of the Learning Center, and is separated from the main lab by a 3/4-wall partition. This means noise level and traffic will vary by time of day. Ear-plugs are provided, but please warn your students it can get loud during peak times.

  • Proctoring is primarily for make-up and missed exams. Proctoring for entire class sections (e.g. midterms or finals) must be arranged prior to the start of the semester.
  • All exams must be dropped off and picked up in person. We proctor over 400 exams per semester, and do not accept tests via email. It is the instructor's responsibility to print enough copies for their students, and pick up exams  when they are completed.
  • The Learning Center now has four computers with webcams available in the testing area for online and typed response exams.
  • A test proctoring instruction sheet must be filled out and completed for all exams. Student names should be provided when available.
    Exam Proctoring Form
  • Learning Center staff will follow directions on instruction sheet, and contact instructors in the event of discrepancies.
  • All students must show photo identification (driver's license, state id, student body card, etc.).
  • Students will be required to log in with their G# to test, and will log out when finished.
  • Students are ultimately responsible for keeping their own time (we will let them know how much time the tests allow, and remind them if possible).
  • No unauthorized electronic devices are allowed in the testing area.
  • In the event cheating is suspected, Learning Center staff will confiscate the exam and provide notes about the occurrence.

If you have any questions or would like clarification about Learning Center Proctoring, please contact Jonathan MacSwain 650-306-3468

For more information about tutoring, contact

Julian Taylor (Tutor Coordinator/Basic Skills Specialist)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Learning Center