Statistics (Math 200)

In addition to basic tutoring, the Learning Center offers a number of different kinds of help with Statistics:

1. Math 200 Outline

This is a 13-page outline of the course. It tracks the Chapters in the Triola Textbook, and quickly points you to the Calculator functions and programs that will help you solve problems much faster than if you had to do them all by hand. Click on the link below to see the Outline, and then print it out. It’s important to print it out, because then you can make notes on it.

Math 200 Outline

2. Helpful Online Calculators

You won’t be able to use these on an in-class exam, but they can be very helpful when doing homework.

3. Youtube Videos

These are step by step instructions on the listed topics along with how to use the calculator. These videos were created by one of our former Learning Center Manager, Frank Austin: