Tutoring Services


Fall 2022 Tutoring Hours
Starting September 1st!

You have 2 options in accessing tutoring:

  • Drop in Tutoring (same day, first come, first served, on campus only): available in the Learning Center, Building 9, 2nd Floor

    • Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 7PM

    • Fridays: 9AM - 2PM
      • Please check schedule below for tutor availability
  • Schedule a Tutoring Appointment (appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance, can be in person or virtual via Zoom)

    • Sign In for Your Virtual Tutoring Appointment
    • Reschedule a Tutoring Appointment

  • For both of drop in and appointments, the available times are based on the tutor schedule below. Please review the schedule to know when tutors are available; you will be able to drop in or schedule an appointment at those times. 

How Can a Tutor Help Me?

Tutors can help in a variety of ways and can make the material that seems impossible clear and manageable. Here are some things that tutors can assist you with:

  • Clarifying Class Concepts
  • Study Tips/Organization
  • Exam Review
  • Reviewing Missed Questions From Homework and/or Exams
  • The Writing Process

Tutoring should not be used to do your homework. It is always better to try your homework on your own and do the best that you can with it, even if it is all wrong. A tutoring session will help you clarify the process to getting the correct answer, making the learning experience better for you the student. Tutors cannot help you with online exams. All exams must be taken by the student enrolled in the class.

How Do I Prepare for a Tutoring Session?

Preparation before a tutoring session makes time spent with a tutor more valuable. Here are some tips on how you can be prepared for your next tutoring session:

  • Be sure to bring all your materials.
    • This includes your textbook, handouts, and any other study materials that are related to the assignment(s) for which your are looking assistance.
  • Attempt the assignment on your own.
    • As stated before, tutoring session are not for completing homework, they are for gaining clarity on the work that you have completed. If you get it wrong the tutor is there to help you correct the mistakes so that you can then make the necessary corrections.


Please contact Julian Taylor if you have any questions regarding Tutoring Services:

Julian Taylor (Tutor Coordinator/Basic Skills Specialist)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Learning Center
(650) 306-3459
BLDG 09-219 A