Transfer Admission Guarantee Agreements (TAG)

TAG is a contract between students and four-year universities that is offered to students who meet the TAG criteria.  Each university determines its own TAG eligibility criteria which is listed below.  It is important to meet with a counselor to review and plan your course work. You must plan early!

UC TAG general requirements:

  • Completed 30 transferable units at the time of applying for TAG
  • Meet the course requirements for the major
  • Meet the minimum required GPA
  • Complete 60 transferrable units by the end of Spring term for the fall admission
  • Apply for general admission

These UC campuses offer TAG:

 UC TAG application period is between September 1st to September 30th. You may file a TAG application with only one UC campus. 

 You must also file general admission application between November 1st-30th.

To apply for TAG and apply for general admission go to UC Transfer Admission Planner.


The following documents summarize the TAG eligibility and criteria: