Cañada College Academic Senate Constitution


We, the faculty of Cañada College, do hereby establish the Academic Senate in order to promote the best interests of higher education at Cañada College and the San Mateo County Community College District.


The name of this organization shall be the Cañada College Academic Senate (herein referred to as the Senate).


The purpose of the Cañada College Academic Senate shall be to make  recommendations regarding academic and professional matters to District  Academic Senate, the College and District administration, the Board of Trustees, and to other appropriate individuals and bodies.  The Board of Trustees shall ensure the right of the Senate to assume primary responsibility with respect to academic and professional matters, including exercise of the authority to appoint faculty to committees or groups dealing with academic and professional matters as specified in Title 5, Section 53203(f), and full participation in collegial consultation processes.  Academic and professional matters as defined in Title 5, Section 53200, include the following:

  1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites
  2. Degree and certificate requirements
  3. Grading policies
  4. Educational program development
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
  6. College governance structures, as related to faculty roles
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities
  9. Processes for program review
  10. Processes for instructional planning and budget development
  11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon

Powers and Responsibilities

The powers of the Academic Senate derive from Title 5. All authority and responsibilities of the Senate and its subcommittees shall be exercised in accordance with the bylaws.


Revised 5/12/16

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