Academic Senate-Sponsored Professional Development

The Academic Senate at Cañada College encourages all faculty, part-time and full-time, to grow in their education and profession through training opportunities.  Each year the ASCCC sponsors events, designed by and for California Community College faculty, to grow professionally.

Curriculum Institute - Summer

Curriculum is the heart of what we do as educators. The Curriculum Institute is designed to bring together teams of individuals working on curriculum – administrators, faculty, and classified staff – and to provide a platform for interactive learning by all attendees.  Informational presentations, direct training and guidance, and interaction with Chancellor’s Office staff make this Institute the most popular of the Academic Senate events.  Join us in Anaheim to receive updates on important current curriculum topic and to learn ways to improve and develop local curriculum processes.

Faculty Leadership Institute - Summer

The Faculty Leadership Institute is the cornerstone of the Academic Senate’s governance training.  Created to assist new senate leaders navigate the complexity of local governance as well as become versed in state issues, the Faculty Leadership Institute brings seasoned leaders together to share tips and tools for new leaders to successfully lead their senate and influence their college policies.  We highly encourage new and experienced leadership to join us for lively discussions about basic college governance and exciting state issues.

Career Technical Education Institute - Spring

This year will bring an intense focus on career and technical education at the federal, state, and local level. In our CCC system, the Board of Governors’ Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy recently released its recommendations.  By the time this event takes place in May, implementation conversations will be well underway and input from faculty statewide will be needed. This event will provide CTE faculty with the opportunity to engage in key policy conversations through their interaction with representatives of the task force, by learning about the implications of policy decisions on local programs and courses, and in participating in breakout sessions to better understand the college processes including topics on leadership, curriculum design, course repetition, and effective program advocacy.

Instructional Design Institute - Winter/Spring

This institute focuses on strategies to improve student success and build more effective college programs. Discussions will include many exciting and timely topics like cultivating partnerships to create new opportunities for students, improving the collaboration between instruction and student services on our campuses, discovering different strategies in curricular design, integrating instructional technology into the classroom to enhance teaching, and effectively institutionalizing innovative programs to ensure sustainability, all with a consciousness of the importance of equity and cultural sensitivity.

Accreditation Institute - Winter/Spring

Whether your college is gathering evidence, writing the self- evaluation, or preparing for a site visit in spring, the Academic Senate for California Community College’s Accreditation Institute will provide guidance and support no matter where you are in the cycle of accreditation.  Even colleges that finished a site visit in fall know that accreditation work never really ends.  At its core, accreditation is the peer-evaluation process we use to improve the education we offer to individuals in our communities, and we have affirmed our commitment to the spirit of such processes throughout the years.

Academic Academy - Fall

The program will emphasize creating faculty partnerships in credit or noncredit to improve the collegiate experience and academic achievement of our students.  These partnerships will further improve collaborative projects and initiatives by integrating classroom instruction, counseling, and student services. The Academy can inform and spark conversations around the role for all faculty in the following   areas: creation and implementation of guided pathways of learning, recommendations of the Workforce Task Force, and other initiatives.

Professional Development College - ongoing

Curriculum Development – The PDC is pleased to offer a five-course series of courses that provides an overview of various aspects of curriculum development. Participants who complete all five courses may be eligible to earn ASCCC's Curriculum Development Certificate of Completion.