General Resources

  • Information about: Brown ActBrown Act synopsisRoberts' Rules of Order - Cheat SheetConsent Agendas
  • Meeting Modality
    • For voting members of Senate, a zoom option will continue so long permits AB 361 loosening of Brown Act virtual meeting requirements. AB 361 will apply as long as California maintains a state of emergency related to Covid-19.
    • For non-voting members, Senate plans to continue offering zoom attendance options regardless of any State of Emergency. 
  • ASCCC (State Academic Senate) Plenary: Nov. 3-5 (Hybrid Event), Spring Plenary - TBD


Meeting Schedule

Meeting Day: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month


Locations: Zoom and Bldg. 9-154

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Meeting Dates:

  • Aug. 25
  • Sept. 8 & Sept. 22
  • Oct. 13 & Oct. 27
  • Nov. 10
  • Dec. 8

Winter Break

  • Jan. 26
  • Feb. 9 & Feb. 23
  • Mar. 9 & Mar. 23
  • Apr. 13 & Apr. 27
  • May 11

Class Scheduling Related Goals

  • Help inform College and District decisions on teaching modalities
  • Help inform District revision of class minimums policy
  • Improve transparency around how classes get added or not added
  • Discuss process for when to open a new section of a course
  • Late Start Classes
    • Improve transparency and understanding of which class sections are offered as late state courses
    • Discuss general college approach to late state courses

Goals Related to Teaching Challenges

  • Host discussions of class attendance and participation
  • Better understand and discuss current experiences with multi-modal teaching
  • Explore setting standards for multi-modal teaching
  • Identify resources needed, such as professional development and technology resources

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee (TAS) Related Goals

  • Work with TAS to increase use of Open Educational Resources (OER)/Zero Textbook Cost courses
  • Work with TAS to ensure that OER/ZTC resources increases diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism
  • Work with TAS to develop other methods of reducing/eliminating textbook costs besides online material/ebooks

Other Goals

  • Identify professional development needs for counseling faculty related to offering counseling services in new modalities
  • Guide and promote roll out of Peer Online Course Review Workgroup
  • Discuss Renewal Process for Reassign Time positions, especially as program-level positions that currently require renewal every two years.
  • Finish creation of a Program Improvement and Viability Process
  • Improve process for printing requests

Goals that Academic Senate Should Monitor

  • Work with District Teaching and Learning (DTL) and District Academic Senate (DAS) to update Academic Honesty policies in order to better address current learning environments
  • Monitor and discuss District Academic Senate’s workgroup on class maximums policy
  • Monitor and discuss efforts to make student registration process easier and to get students registered earlier
  • Monitor AB (Assembly Bill) 1111 and 928. Keep regular communications on developments related to these measures.
  • Help ensure there all services are available for evening students
  • Identify primary methods and criteria by which students discover and differentiate between Cañada classes and similar classes in other colleges (especially classes that are program entry points).

Notable Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Prioritize new faculty position proposals
  • Nominations for Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) awards
  • Nominations for local college awards



Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Date (and Clickable Zoom Link) Agenda Minutes Materials

March 23, 2023

[Meeting cancelled due to campus closure]



 New Faculty Position Proposal Application 

District Academic Senate Bylaws Item

District Class Size Policy Item

  • Draft policy  from a District Academic Senate workgroup 

President's Report Items

March 9, 2023


Draft Minutes

ACCJC Midterm Report Items

Textbook Affordability Item

Professional Needs Assessment Item

SB 893 Item

Enrollment Management Plant Item

President's Report Item

February 23, 2023



Fall 2022 student survey data on Low-Cost Textbooks and Zero-Cost Textbooks

Draft of Change to Program Review Question 11

Current draft of the Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey

Resharing of the Course Scheduling Presentation from last meeting

President's Report Items

Upcoming Events, Matters of Interest

February 9, 2023



Draft of Program Improvement and Viability Process

Course Scheduling Presentation

Senate Poll Results to Give Initial Priorization of Faculty Representatives for the Equity and Antiracism Planning Council

January 26, 2023



Presentation on Training Recertification Options for Faculty Teaching Online

New Faculty Position Proposal Form Material

Draft of Program Improvement and Viability Process

Program Review Reflection - December 2022 Collected Feedback

Curriculum Committee Material

December 8, 2022



Faculty Position Ranking Results

Faculty Position Request Items 

  • If you have not already watch the faculty position presentations, please see the PBC webpage for the zoom recordings and PowerPoint slides for each position before the meeting.
  • Our discussion will focus on feedback, including the feedback provided at PBC, rather than repeating the position presentations.

ASCCC 2020 Paper on Academic Freedom

Upcoming Brown Act Changes in March 2023

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee: December Report

President's Report Items

  • Chancellor Forum Feedback: The District Chancellor Search webpage contains the forum recordings and feedback forms. Please submit feedback by tomorrow (Friday, December 9) at 5pm.  
  • Resolutions adopted at the ASCCC Fall Plenary

November 10, 2022



Consent Agenda Item

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

Proposed Resolution on Enrollment Data

  • Second Whereas was expanded in October 27th discussion

Draft Reassignment Application for Dual Enrollment Instructional Support Position(s)

Strong Workforce Updates

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee Report - November 10

October 27, 2022



ASCCC (State Academic Senate) Fall 2022 Plenary Resolutions Packet

  • There are twenty new resolutions in the updated packet, which came in from the Regional Area meetings: 1.03-05, 2.02, 3.01, 4.02, 7.05-12, 13.01-02, 15.02-04, 17.02
  • Resolutions related to AB 928 (CalGETC single transfer pathway): 4.01, 4.04, 7.01, 15.01, 15.02

Draft Academic Senate goals for 2022-23

Student Equity and Acheivement Plan (SEAP) in a Nutshell

Draft Academic Senate resolution on Pandemic-Impacted Enrollment Data

October 13, 2022



Academic Senate Orientation

Possible Academic Senate Goals for 2022-23

Update on Equity and Antiracism Council (EAPC) Efforts 

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee October 10 Report

AB 928 Related Items

President's Report Items

September 22, 2022



Discussions Notes on Dual Enrollment from Previous Years

Notes on Dual Enrollment - September 22, 2022 Notes

Academic Senate Orientation

Possible Academic Senate Goals for 2022-23

  • This document is our main reference point for considering what goals Academic Senate should pursue this year
  • Faculty are invited to share any missing goals or suggest whether any of the possible goals should be taken on during another year. 
  • At a future Senate meeting, we will prioritize the recommended goals for this year.

Material Related to the Strong Workforce Outcomes and Support for instructional Programs

September 8, 2022



Textbook Affordability Subcommittee September 8 Report

Librarian Replacement Position Proposal

Current draft of CalGETC Single Transfer Pathway (this is to satisfy the AB 928 legislation)

Academic Senate Orientation (delayed to September 22nd meeting)

August 25, 2022



AB 361 Resolution - Allowing Continued Remote Meetings Under the Brown Act

Timeline for the SMCCD Chancellor Search Committee

Peer Online Course Review (POCR) Workgroup Presentation

Possible Academic Senate Goals for 2022-23

  • The purpose of this document is to show recent, ongoing, and current goals/projects that Academic Senate has taken on or been charged with.
  • During the September 8, 2022 Academic Senate meeting, Senate will vote on our list of annual goals for the academic year.
  • By or before the September 8th Senate meeting, please share anything that might not be on the list or share more specific tasks/objects that fit under some of the listed goals/initiatives.