Reassigned Time for Instructional Faculty


The ASGC identified as one of its 2013-14 goals, the need to create a transparent process for awarding reassigned time to faculty for completing non-instructional assignments.  At that time approximately 42% of full-time faculty have some form of non-instructional assignment (not including librarians or counselors who, by position, are not completely assigned to instruction).  Some of these non-instructional assignments are clearly non-discretionary as they are stipulated by AFT contract or accreditation requirement.  Other faculty have "bought out" of teaching by using grant or banked funds.  The remaining awards are more discretionary in nature and include time for CIETL, SLOAC, and program coordination.  It is this last category that raises so many questions about process and accountability.  

At the same time that the ASGC identified the need to address reassigned time, the District Committee on Budget and Finance is developing a new Resource Allocation Model.  Non-instructional assignments are part of the developing model and colleges are being asked to examine the needs for reassigned time and to identify a base level of funding.  Concomitant to this discussion, is the phasing out of Measure G funds which have supported many instructional and support services including the funding of some non-instructional assignments.  As the colleges begin to decide which Measure G-funded activities to absorb into their General Fund, a prioritization process must be developed.



  • Develop an application for Reassigned Time
  • Develop a rubric for evaluating the application
  • Add a prompt to Program Review requiring reflection on the impact of non-instructional assignments



Date Milestone
August 22, 2013 ASGC sets goal to study non-instructional assignments  
December 12, 2013

Presentation to ASGC on Reassigned Time - slides

ASGC agrees to include impact of faculty reassigned time in new Annual Planning document

February 27, 2014

ASGC receives first draft of application

View draft Process and Application

October 3, 2014

Divisions discuss draft process

October 9, 2014

ASGC revises process based upon division feedback

View draft Process - clean copy or red edits

View draft request form

November 13, 2014

Divisions discuss revised process and request form

ASGC adopts process and request form

January 28, 2015

IPC's Reassigned Time website/process/application is launched

Oct. 2015

Appeals process is created

Fall 2019

Reassigned Time process and forms updated with collaboration between Academic Senate, IPC, and the Office of Instruction