Resolutions passed by the Cañada College Academic Senate

Name Date
Resolution in Support of the Application for Cañada College to Become a California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative Consortium Member

May 2020

Early and Inclusive Evaluation of Administrators and Academic Supervisors

 Feb. 2020

Exploring Condensed Calendar Options

Dec. 2019

Support for Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Division

Sep. 2019

Non-Tenure Track Full-Time Faculty

Mar. 2019

Resolution Honoring Tom Mohr

Dec. 2018

Opposition to Community, Continuing and Corporate Education’s Offering of Medical Assisting Program

May 2017

Maintaining and Growing the Full-time Faculty Workforce -  Faculty Vacancy Process

May 2017

Revision to the Assessment Cycle of Course and Program Student Learning Outcomes

May 2017

Establishment of a Secure Digital Media Server

May 2017

Pedagogical Course Enrollment Maximums

May 2016

Providing Accurate Data of Course Student Learning Outcomes Compliance

Dec. 2015

Adoption of the Online Education Initiative’s Course Design Rubric as a Guide to Developing Hybrid and Online Courses within the SMCCCD

Nov. 2015

Adoption of Canvas as the Course Management System for the SMCCCD

Oct. 2015

Criteria for Prioritizing New Faculty Positions

Sep. 2015

Funding of Faculty Sabbaticals

Nov. 2014

Support of Faculty Primacy in the Development and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and in Their Use to Improve Student Learning and Program Effectiveness

Apr. 2012

Support of Publication of Student and Program Learning Outcomes

Apr. 2012

Opposition to the Use of Student Learning Outcome Attainment in Faculty Evaluation

Apr. 2012

Support for the Performance Evaluation Task Force (PETF) to Address the ACCJC Requirement Pertaining to the role of SLOAC in Faculty Evaluation 

Apr. 2012


Recommendations of the Cañada College Academic Senate

Name Date
Enrollment Management Processes May 2015


Proposed resolutions and processes