Course Descriptions

CRER 110 Honors Colloquium in Career and Personal Development: Transfer Essentials and Planning (1 units)

Provides essential information about the transfer process to a four-year university that includes transfer explorations, transfer policies, academic requirements, transfer planning and process, and available tools and services in support of transfer goal. It also provides opportunities to visit universities, guides students to examine their life plan and achievements, and develop a strong personal statement. Students complete a cost analysis and explore resources to fund their education. Students have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives by examining the changes in the education policies and regulations that impact society and may influence their transfer planning and admission to a university. Students must have completed at least 12 transferable semester units prior to enrolling in this course.

CRER 137 Life and Career Planning (3 units)

Provides a comprehensive approach to life and career planning. Topics include self- assessment (values, skills personality and interests), and an analysis of career development over the life span. An intensive career investigation that encompasses decision-making, goal-setting, job search strategies, resume writing and interviewing skills.

CRER 300 Introduction to Scholarships (1.5 units)

Introduces students to scholarship and financial aid opportunities at the local, state, and national levels. Learn research techniques and utilize publications, software, internet sites, and community resources. Emphasis on development of a personal organizational system to manage the process of the scholarship search. Identify scholarships that meet personal criteria. Personal statements, interview techniques, resumes, organization and time management skills are also covered.

CRER 401 College Success (1 units)

Designed to provide students with essential tools, skills, and information including college policies, procedures, educational requirements, and college programs/support services. This course also assists students in assessing time management, setting goals, decision-making skills, and other strategies for success.

CRER 407 Exploring Careers, Majors and Transfer (1 units)

Engage in a career development process that includes career assessment, career research, and educational planning. Learn to use valuable resources and tools to help with career, major and transfer choices. Assess interests, skills, personality and values, explore college majors, and research 4-year institutions.

CRER 430 Career Assessment (0.5 units)

Designed to help individuals define career and/or college major alternatives. Vocational interests, skills, and values instruments are given and results interpreted.

CRER 695 Independent Study (0.5- 3 units)

Designed for students who are interested in furthering their knowledge via self-paced, individualized instruction provided in selected areas or directed study to be arranged with instructor and approved by the division dean using the Independent Study Form. Varying modes of instruction can be used -- laboratory, research, skill development, etc. For each unit earned, students are required to devote three hours per week throughout the semester. Students may take only one Independent Study course within a given discipline.