Research Report 2013-2014


Multiple Measure Pilot

Student Equity Plan--DRAFT (07/06/2014)

Canada College Fast Facts Fall 2013 (04/29/2014)

Alternative Placement Study--Lessons from Long Beach City College (5/20/2014)

Placement Validation Report Presentation (5/20/2014)

Placement Validation Report (Draft 04/21/2014)

Cañada College Research Plan 2014-2017 (PBC 04/16/2014)

Degree/Certificate Awarded (pdf, another format, 04/02/2014)

Degree/Certificate Awarded Charts

Cañada College Degree/Certificate Awarded (excel)

Cañada College Course Retention and Success (excel)

Cañada College Program Review Data Packet (for Fall 2014 SAMPLE) 

Matriculation Pipeline (02/25/2014)

International Student Survey Summary Fall 2013 (Director of International Student Program, 12/13/2013)

International Student Snapshot Fall 2013 (Director of International Student Program, 12/13/2013)

College's Benchmarks and Goals 2012-2013 Revised (12/10/2013)

Local 5 High Schools Concurrent and Recent Graduates Reports Spring 2013 (12/03/2013)

Math Jam (Underrepresented student self-efficacy study) (11/15/2013)

University Center Student Survey Results (11/01/2013)

Math 200 Statistics Workshop (SLO) (10/21/2013)

Math 130 Tutoring Workshop (10/18/2013)

College ILO Report Spring 2013 (10/02/2013, revised 10/14/2013)

Placement Validation Plan Fall 2013 (Draft 10/11/2013)

Counseling Orientation Pre and Post Survey Report (SLO) (10/11/2013)

Middle College High School Report Fall 2013 (Draft 10/10/2013)

Student Equity Plan:

Division Success Rate by Ethnicity (10/07/2013)

Discipline Success Rate by Ethnicity (10/07/2013)

District Strategic Plan and College Plans Alignment (10/02/2013)

College's Benchmarks and Goals 2012-2013 (09/23/2013)

Transfer Velocity Report (09/23/2013)

Fall Enrollment Updates from Jing:

End of First Day of Class 08/20/2013;

End of Last Add/Drop Day 08/30/2013;

Official Census Day 09/27/2013

Enrollment Census Report (09/09/2013)

Math Jam Subsequent Course Study (9/01/2013)

STEM Speaker Series Study (9/01/2013)

Summer Math Jam Review (9/01/2013)

STEM Institute Student Self-Efficacy Study (9/01/2013)


Program Review Research Request and Report (2012-2013)

Program Review Research Request (09/12/2013)

English (draft) (Bart Scott) (10/03/2013)

Math (draft) (Brandon Price) (10/03/2013)

Chemistry (draft) (Brandon Price) (10/03/2013)


Data Dashboard

Draft Proposal