Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

IPC Members, 2018-2019 (15 voting members)

Co-Chairs: Vice President, Instruction and one faculty member (from list below)

  • ACES - Rebekah Taveau
  • Counseling – Sandra Mendez 
  • Librarian - Valeria Estrada
  • Honors Coordinator – Susan Mahoney
  • Faculty Assessment Coordinator - Jessica Kaven (IPC Co-Chair)
  • 2 Classified Members – Matt Lee and Joan Murphy
  • 2 Students – Sherilyn Kuo and TBD
  • 2 Faculty Members-at-large - Nick DeMello and Katie Osborne
  • 1 Instructional Dean – James Carranza
  • Dean of PRIE – Karen Engel
  • Vice President of Instruction - Dr. Tammy Robinson (IPC Co-Chair)


 All meetings are held on Fridays from 9:30am - 11:30am in Room 2-10

*Meeting deviated from normally scheduled time due to program review (2/8/2019) and program review presentations (3/15/2019).

The following are meeting dates with approved meeting agendas and minutes.

Meeting Date Agendas  Minutes Materials
9/7/2018  Agenda  Minutes

Draft Minutes from May 18th, 2018 IPC Meeting

FCMAT Letter

FCMAT Reccomendations

Strategic Enrollment Plan

IPC Flow of the Year

Cañada Strategic Plan Visual

Program Review Streamline

 10/5/2018 Agenda Minutes 

Draft Minutes from September 7th, 2018 IPC Meeting

Proposed Revised 2018-19 IPC Schedule

ISER Updates

Peer Feedback & Prioritization Updates for Program Review

 11/2/2018 Agenda  Minutes

Draft Minutes from October 5th, 2018 IPC Meeting

Professional Learning Plan Overview


(Canceled due to campus closure)     
 12/7/2018 Agenda  Minutes  
 2/1/2019  Agenda Minutes 

 Reassigned Time Application 1.31.19 Draft

Template Cañada College Reassigned Time Coordination Work Plan 2019.2020 Draft

2/8/2019* Agenda  Minutes  
 3/1/2019 Agenda  Minutes   
 3/15/2019* Agenda Minutes 

 Digital Arts & Animation Program Review Presentation

Medical Assisting Program Review Presentation

Paralegal Program Review Presentation Powerpoint

Paralegal Program Review Presentation Video

Mathematics Program Review Presentation

Physics Program Review Presentation

Radiologic Technology Program Review Presentation

4/19/2019 (Canceled due to lack of agenda items)   


5/3/2019 (Canceled due to lack of agenda items)