Textbook Affordability Subcommittee

Breakdown of successes in ZTC and LTC courses

Goals and Responsibilities


  • In a given term, 75% of courses/sections would be OER-converted (ZCT, Low-Cost, No-Textbook[1]);
  • Develop a repository of permanent campus-wide resources;
  • Develop partnerships with transfer institutions/programs (through Curriculum);
  • Create a program of incentives for all instructors to put their materials in the public domain, including adoption of low-cost materials and ZCT.

[1] ZCT = Zero Cost Textbook (including all other materials); Low-Cost = all materials cost less than $40; No-Text = there are no course materials (e.g. textbooks, articles, lab kits) for this course



  • Evangelize and educate on the use of OER, including new advances in OER (e.g. OpenStax, LibreTexts);
  • Encourage adoption of OER and sharing of materials across disciplines;
  • Work with faculty to include OER in the COR for their courses, ensuring the rigor is appropriate for the course;
  • Distribute the resources across the campus community;
  • Work with OER partners at CSM/SKY;
  • Report out to ASGC and other participatory governance bodies.


  • Sarah Harmon, Academic Senate OER Liaison and OER/ZTC Coordinator
  • Nick DeMello, Distance Education Coordinator
  • Diana Tedone-Goldstone, Librarian
  • Valeria Estrada, ASLT Division Representative
  • Ramki Kalyanaraman, Science and Technology Division Representative
  • Lisa Palmer, Humanities and Social Sciences Division Representative
  • Business, Workforce, and Design Division Representative (vacant)
  • Counseling Division Representative (vacant)
  • Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Division Representative (vacant)
  • Allison Hughes, Instructional Technologist
  • Jai Kumar, Bookstore Manager
  • David Reed, Dean of Academic Services and Learning Technologies
  • Tammy Robinson, Vice President of Instruction (ex-oficio)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month, 11am-12pm, via Zoom.

Date Documents and Materials
28 September
26 October


23 November
25 January
22 February
22 March
26 April
24 May



 For prior years' agendas, minutes, newsletters and reports, please go to the Prior Years page.

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ZTC Adopter Program

Are you interested in receiving support and help in switching your course materials to OER...including a financial award for doing this work? If so, please go to the ZTC Adopter Program site for more information and applications.


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