Planning & Budgeting Council Meetings 2020-2021

2020-2021 PBC Members

Position Member
Academic Senate President or Vice President (ex officio) Diana Tedone-Goldstone
Classified Senate President or Vice President (ex officio) Jeanne Stalker
IPC Representative James Carranza
SSPC Representative Max Hartman
Academic Support and Learning Resources Faculty Representative Cynthia McCarthy
Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Faculty Representative Nick Carr
Business, Design & Workforce Division Faculty Representative Peggy Perruccio
Humanities & Social Sciences Division Faculty Representative Salumeh Eslamieh (on leave – replaced by
Doniella Maher for the Spring 2021 term)
Science & Technology Division Faculty Representative Ray Lapuz
Student Services  Faculty Representative vacant
Adjunct or FT Faculty Representative at large Denise Erickson
ASCC Student Representative Mari Managadze
ASCC Student Representative vacant
Classified Representative Margarita Baez
Classified Representative Nimsi Garcia
Classified Representative Rachel Corrales
Classified Representative Roslind Young
Classified Representative Maria Huning, on behalf of Mayra Arellano
Classified Representative Chantal Sosa
Classified Representative at large Joshua Forman-Ortiz
Dean Hyla Lacefield
Dean of PRIE Karen Engel
Director of Marketing, Comm & PR Megan Rodriguez Antone
Vice President of Instruction Tammy Robinson
Vice President of Student Services Manuel Alejandro Pérez
Vice President of Administrative Services Graciano Mendoza
College President (ex officio, non-voting) Kim Lopez

PBC Membership

Updated by PBC on May 1, 2019

Membership in the PBC should address two goals: 1) representation of constituencies, and 2) inclusion of individuals with specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities. The following individuals would be members:

PBC Member:

Appointed by:

Academic Senate President or Vice President (co-chair)

Academic Senate

Classified Senate President or Vice President (co-chair)

Classified Senate

IPC Representative


SSPC Representative


Faculty Representatives - one from each of the Instructional Divisions, one from Student Services, and one at-large representative at the Academic Senate’s discretion.  Note:  one of these faculty members could be an adjunct faculty, if possible.

Academic Senate

Student Services VP (for SS rep)

Classified Representatives – the number of classified staff representatives should match the total number of faculty representatives including one at-large representative chosen at the Classified Senate’s discretion.  As much as possible, representation should be balanced across divisions and major college functions.

Classified Senate

Two (2) ASCC Representatives


Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness

By virtue of position

Vice President of Administration

By virtue of position

Director of Marketing and Public Information

By virtue of position


By virtue of position (and President)


By virtue of position


By virtue of position

College President (ex officio) – no voting rights

By virtue of position

 Total Voting members: 21. 

Membership Terms

Updated by PBC on November 7, 2018

Appointed members (who are not members by virtue of their position) will serve for a maximum of two years. These members, faculty, classified staff, and student representatives, are appointed in alternating years, staggering the rotation of members on and off the Council.  Staggering appointments will assure continuity of knowledge on the Council. Members will be asked to serve on work groups or ad hoc committees as needed (based on availability of time) for the balance of service. Work groups (when needed) consist of four, and a minimum of two, PBC members.

All appointments will be made by June preceding the terms of appointment.

Student terms will be for one year (August 15 – June 30) with appointments made in August.

Note: Members who serve by virtue of their position do vote, with the exception of the college president who is non-voting; all other members are elected/selected by their constituencies and do vote.

Annual Orientation of Members

Updated by PBC on November 7, 2018

Every member (excluding the college president), in order to retain their membership, is required to attend a yearly orientation. The annual orientation will take place no later than the second meeting of the the Fall semester.

 The orientation topics should include but are not limited to:

  • College organization chart, mission, planning and budget cycle
  • Board Policy and Administrative Procedure
  • Title 5 section 53200 et seq., Title 5 section 51023.5 and Title 5 section 51023.7
  • Training and materials on academic and professional (10+1) matters
  • Committee structure, goals, purpose and composition
  • Contact information for committee members

In addition to the PBC membership, the orientation is open to the District Board of Trustees and the whole campus community.. This training is under the purview of the Offices of Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE) and Administrative Services.



The Planning & Budgeting Council (PBC) meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month during the academic year. All meetings during the 2020-21 academic year will happen via Zoom.  The presiding officers (co-chairs) of the PBC are the presidents of the Academic and Classified Senates.

Agendas Minutes Materials
May 19, 2021 May 19, 2021 Minutes

Program Review Work Group Recommendation re Resource Prioritization Process Guidelines for 2021-22

May Revise and Budget Update

Joint Analysis, Governor's 2021-22 May Revision

Distance Education Three-Year Plan Proposal

College Antiracism Task Force Recommendations

ACES Bylaws - proposed for adoption

Educational Master Planning/Antiracism Consultant Scope of Work

Annual Plan 2020-21 Progress Report to PBC

May 5, 2021 May 5, 2021 Minutes

PBC Work Group recommendation on resource prioritization proces for 2021-22

Participatory Governance Evaluation - spring 2021 survey results

College Antiracism Task Force Recommendations

ACES Bylaws - for final approval

PBC Transfer Planning Task Force Presentation

College Transfer Services Improvement Plan - draft

Cultural Center Focus Groups Summary Report

Strong Workforce Program Update

Career Education Programs

April 21, 2021 April 21, 2021 Minutes

Math Replacement Position Proposal April 8 2021

Board Approved Personnel Items April 14 2021

Program Review Work Group Report to PBC April 21 2021

ACES Bylaws

Technology Committee Bylaws and Plan for adoption

Umoja Program Proposal - Draft

ACES and Student Equity & Achievement Plan update

College Antiracism Task Force Recommendations

Non-personnel resource request prioritization 2020-21 - Divisions

April 7, 2021 April 7, 2021 Minutes

Technology Committee Bylaws

Technology Committee 2021-2024 Plan

Technology Refresh Process

Draft Distance Education Three-Year Plan Template

March 17, 2021  March 17, 2021 Minutes

Antiracism Task Force presentation

BSM Umoja Presentation

Campus Climate Surveys

March 3, 2021  March 3, 2021 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items February 24, 2021

Results of Cañada College’s Implementation of AB 705 Fall 2019 - PRIE presentation

Districtwide Marketing Update

CCCCO/CUE feedback on Cañada College’s Student Equity & Achievement Plan

CCCCO/CUE feedback on statewide college's Student Equity & Achievement Plans

February 17, 2021  February 17, 2021 Minutes

Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Report for the CCCCO (completed template) 

Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption presentation to PBC

February 3, 2021  February 3, 2021 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items December 14, 2020

EMP Task Force proposed membership and level of commitment

Governor's Proposed Budget and Implications for the College

December 16, 2020  December 16, 2020 Minutes

Education Master Planning Schedule (proposed)

Academic Senate New Faculty Prioritization Process

Student Equity and Achievement Plan (SEAP) Annual Report 2019-20 draft

December 2, 2020  December 2, 2020 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel items November 18, 2020

COVID-19 Expense Summary - December 2, 2020

Student Engagement Survey - preliminary results from PRIE

November 18, 2020  November 18, 2020 Minutes

Updated Vacancy Replacement for English 2

PCC Vacancy Replacement Request

Personal Counselor Vacancy Presentation

EHD Faculty Replacement Request Fall 2020

College Scorecard (proposed new institution set standards)

College Research & Evaluation Plan (draft)

November 4, 2020  November 4, 2020 Minutes

SMCCCD District Strategic Plan PBC Presentation 2020

PBC Presentation - Student Services Staffing 11-04-2020

Cañada College Demographics Fall 2019

Board Approved Personnel Items

October 21, 2020  October 21, 2020 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items

Biology Faculty Replacement Proposal

Committee Bylaws Template (for adoption)

Committee Plan Template (for adoption)

2019-20 Graduation Survey Results (ILOs)

October 7, 2020  October 7, 2020 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items

Economic Outlook

Annual Plan for 2020-21 with SSPC and IPC proposed changes

Technology Refresh Process 

Committee Bylaws Template (revised)

College Plan Template (revised)

September 16, 2020 September 16, 2020 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items 

Program Review Proposed Improvements

DRAFT proposed Antiracism Framework

Proposed Antiracism Framework, Task Force and next steps

Proposed Annual (operational) Plan for 2020-21

Proposed Committee Bylaws Template

Proposed Committee Plan Template

September 2, 2020 Agenda September 2, 2020 Minutes

Board Approved Personnel Items August 19, 2020

Enrollment Update

2019-20 Resource Requests:  FUNDED ITEMS

VPAS Presentation to PBC

DRAFT proposed Anti-Racism Framework

DRAFT proposed Annual (operational) Plan for 2020-21

Proposed Program Review TIMELINE for 2020-21

Meeting agendas and minutes from prior years can be found in the PBC Archives

Creating meeting agendas

Updated by PBC on November 7, 2018

PBC agendas are developed by the Co-Chairs, the College President, the Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE), and the Vice President of Administrative Services. Campus constituency groups also are invited to make a request (formal Request Form is required) for an item to be placed on the agenda. Request must be submitted two weeks prior to the desired meeting date.

The current agenda is posted to the PBC website no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting date. Those items or issues that are critical in nature can bypass the membership and be taken to the President by the co-chairs without membership approval. These items must be presented to the PBC for discussion and review as soon as possible. This is a provision for exceptional events.